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I have to admit, the X1000 a very expensive bit of kit,

I met Trevor and he is nothing short of a delightful person, full of honest drive and passion, I do hope that they can make a good go of it =)

Although an X1000 wont be on my christmas list, the X1000 is certainly interesting and yeah I would like a little play with it.. the dualcore PPC and XCore interest me from a programming standpoint and if they can get an "inline-transparent" Amiga68k emulation (with a Amiga 68kprefs program) then this would give it the compatability it deserves!.

I would suspect with its embedded multicore, multprocessor and transputor proccessing cores this would make a very good rendering engine / farm - time will tell if this is a cost effective solution compared to SGI workstations

For me the weekend was truly was taken with the iMica Icaros AROS build (I wasn't the only one) and I have to admit the A1 and Pegasos systems are a true pleasure to take part with -

Although I will be classic amiga to my core, my sincere thanks too Mickey C and the efforts of ALL the North Tames Amiga and Linc Amiga Groups for sharing these wonderfull machines with this OS4 / 4.1

I can see the appeal of these systems, especially with RunUAE and just double clicking on an Amiga executable and seeing it run in a non-native environment - never get tired of that I can say!

Up untill the weekend I was not interested in the new OS4 running Gen of Amiga, however I must admit its an area I will be keeping a keener interest in as well perhaps building my own iMica Icaros system.... and an XAmiga system.... and convince bloodwych to make a ClasssicWorkbench OS4 and OS4.1..... and try and do a MorphOS classic.....

I think he still accepts lost forum souls and virgin sacrifices as currency =D
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