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Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
£1500 would buy one hell of a PC.
At least a modern pc with modern chipsets and fairly high end processor/gfx card. If you want the more extreme, as in "hell of a PC" you would need to go a bit further north of that price, probably up to twice that.

But still, 1500 for something that probably never will get fully utilized is a large slump of money. The original Amiga became great for what was made for it, with a small number of users the hours and hours behind an assembler to squeeze the last bit out of the machine might not be present, especially when you got a more powerful machine next to it.

In the interview that the article points to he mention something about 'Personally, I believe there would be a market for an "Amiga Netbook"', and I ponder why on earth they didn't go that route first. Something at a price more would buy to further expand the user base.

If I want a dualcore high end ppc machine the old mac pro g5 is quite cheap on the used marked. Probably just as powerful, not counting the additional x-chips.
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