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Dpaint is not system friendly. But that gives you speed. It will always use chip ram. How much will depend on the screen resolution and colors, if you have a swap screen, how big your brushes are. Live with it.

BTW Dpaint 4.5 AGA was the best balance between features and performance. DPiant 5 was trying to make the transition into 24 bit and rtg, but never quite got there. Its still nice, especially on an '060, but crashes.

If you want to paint in 256 colors in rtg ie no chip ram limits, then use PPaint. Its free on aminet. But animation is not as good as DPaint.

Alternatively Brilliance is very nice, especially the 24 bit version. Does everyhting that DPiant does, faster and it has NEVER crashed on me. EVER. Odd interface to begin with, but faster than DPaint. Keyboards shortcuts same as DPaint.

BTW how can i access the zone?
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