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Looks like the logo's come out huge on this one. Gotta remember to fiddle with that.

Hmm, I'll level with y'all: Vistaprint's Medium size is a bit too small on me, and their Large is a bit too large on me. If I'm gonna be mega picky, I'll add that the registration is slightly off on the circle (which is a tiny bit too tomato in colour - somewhere between the two pictures), giving it a tiny, tiny white corona. Tsk tsk!

Have you seen the shirt design at the Kaiko site? (Downloads->T-Shirt)
Indeed, but black T-shirts are 150% cooler than than white ones (according to scientific research) so I'm trying this one first.

I don't think it would be a good idea for me to try making T-shirts for folks. I don't think there's much danger of me getting blasted for it, but the total of making the T-shirts, then shipping them from me to you would be more expensive than you'd perhaps like (we're looking at about >=£19 within the UK, napkin maths). Getting your own printed online directly would certainly be cheaper for you. It's super easy, and you can get it done however you like (unless there's, say, a misleading interface which makes the logo come out huge).

I'll happily help with getting images in the right format, if you want. This t-shirt was a CYMK PSD file (I'll upload it in a bit) derived from the template that you can download from Vistaprint during the specification process. I was warned that it might not work if you give it a different format. It did warn me about possible corona effects with semi-transparent areas (you can't have them, basically: they appear at full opacity) but I thought I eliminated those pixels when I re-rasterised the vector Kaiko logo with no antialising on. I think it was mainly due to the sharp red-transparent boundary.

I've not used other services like Cafepress or Spreadshirt, so I can't advise for or against them; I had some VP vouchers that I wanted to use. (And they were offering a FREE PEN WITH MY NAME ON IT. Say what?! I'm all over that!)

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