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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Are you really sure? Enter GUI, change disk in drive, exit GUI first removes current disk, waits about 2s, inserts new disk. Some games do quite stupid things if fire/mouse button is pressed when there is no disk in drive..

(Just asking because this "bug" has been reported few times)
I dont have many multi disk games to load through uae sorry but with the main one i play walker it seems to work, my comment was mailnly aimed at point (2) though the game does request disk two despite it being in a dfo 1 so i press f12 load img 2 to the dfo 0 after removing the first img and it goes straight on to crunching

i have some of the shodow of the beast titles but cannot get them to work at all through uae despite trying the same trick i used for walker, so just end up playing them on the 1200 (not that i mind that lol)
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