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Was an interesting day yesterday, really enjoyed checking over some other platforms especially the Archimedes.

X1000 bit disappointing from my perspective. It was running OS4 the times I saw it but so were lots of other Amigas there. The presentation was sadly let down by a lack of PA system so couldn't hear anything at all. (get in touch with me next time, I can supply a PA )

But I will say it's nice to see such enthusiasm for it and the Amiga in general.

Constructive critique to those who put the marque on, hope you don't mind. Have more exhibits. The Thames Amiga and Lincs Amiga stands just look a bit like a you'd bought some Amiga stuff along and plonked it on some tables. Down the other side was nice to see some games running on various Amigas. Stunt Car Racer link wasn't set up early enough Would've been good to see some scheduled gaming competitions to get people involved for longer periods. Other scheduled events could've been good too, like demos being showcased, talks on aspects of the Amiga and so forth. Just some ideas.

Overall a cracking day out though and respects to those involved with putting it all on. Another one this year wouldn't go amiss!

Pics to follow.
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