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SPECTRUM thread!!!!

We had CPC, MSX and C64 threads. So what about the Spectrum! A machine usually much hated by us Commodore and MSX fans. However it still has good things!

I find it technically appaling (though its fast Z80 could pull vector games much faster than the C64), but it has many EXCLUSIVE games and, to me, that counts a LOT.

I bought my first Speccy last year. A Lithuanin guy convinced me that the Spectrum is the shit and I bought the thing (same happened to me with the amstrad CPC!).

I got a spanking nice Spectrum 128K +3.

I had to get a PSU for it, for I bought it with none. I found one and brought it home via surface...

When it got here, I tested to see if the machine worked... Booted up, and put it in storage.

Until today, when I decided to play with it! I downloaded TAPER and Manic Miner from the brilliant World of Spectrum site. After some initial problems with TAPER, it finally worked. my Speccy recognized the program!!! Then it showed some jumpy MANIC MINER letters on screen while loading.. I was so fucking excited!!!

Now the game has booted and I'm having lots of fun with it Here are pics of the machine playing its very first game:

It's appearing in B&W because my TV is PAL-N andthe machine is PAL-B...

Anyway, the Speccy was a very popular machine so lots of people surely have stories about it. Share them with me here! I will keep posting my experiences with other Speccy classics. For now, i'll go back and waste the night with Manic Miner

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