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@Mad-Matt: The most important thing is that it causes my system to freeze every time I insert a mixed mode CD (with data & audio tracks). These CD types will be mounted 2 times: With IDEFix' CacheCDFS to access the data part and with CDDA-FS to access the audio part (via DOS). Deactivating one of them would fix the problem, but would also be very inconvenient, because I use them both very often. And yes, BlazeWCP is one of those tools you usually trust and it took me some time to figure out that it is responsible for the hang.

@PeterK: That's a good one! Not only it activates the enable/disable function in Scout's patch list, it also brings the ability to enable/disable patches by itself. Now I need to learn more about these '.fd' files which are often mentioned in different documentations, but never explained. Without 'em the pach lists don't show any names and I had to id the patches by the corresponding library and it's offset - too hard for me!
Does anyone know more about that?
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