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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
CE looks so good you'd think it was using 32, but it only uses 16. Serious pixeling skills!
The version seen in the video is the AGA one, as JotD mentions. It uses 256 colors, subdivided into 16 palettes of 16 colors each. THe tiles use one of those palettes, an individual sprite can use one of those 16 palettes, same for the statusbar. After spending ages looking over the tile graphics I can say they are damn impressively done, with only 16 colors.

Originally Posted by jotd
@Exl/Kroah: you f**kin' rule!!! there's no need to write a remake of CE now that there's a level editor.
What, no need for networked multiplayer, more intelligent CPU player(s) or some more grand-scale ideas like one giant world in which all levels are running simultaneously? (I can dream...)
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