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We need more scans!

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Hello fellow amigagians (try to say that after 10 beers)

during the last 8 years or so, I've had my A1200 out and back into the closet, in the meantime in these many years, I've converted it into a tower, got my hands on a BlizzardPPC 68060 and ppc166, Mediator TX with Radeon, RTL8021 & SBpci128 + some more stuff..

only recently have I gone "pro" with getting myself some "new" hardware, most recently a A2000+GVP030+some SCSI disks, A500 and an old Philips 8833 (my old 8833-II blew up, and I probably need to get it fixed).

with this new A2000 which looks like it had run a BBS, I can see some Malibu drivers / software (yeah, it got a California Access: Malibu controller aswell) which I'm going to extract and donate together with pics to if they are getting back to me..

my friends and collegues look strangely at me when I say I have a few Amiga'es so it's always great to come to forums like this ;-)
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