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I recently got into a conversation about operating systems and old games with a guy who is 20 (he instigated it) and after a while i mentioned the Amiga. I went on to explain how great the machine was, what it could do ..etc.. and now when subject of technology comes up he is somewhat smug and makes a joke out of the Amiga as if to say "its old, it means nothing anymore and never did".

Now i know the Amiga has no place in today's world but it in my opinion (as this article shows) had a huge influence in the technological realm but also inspired many for whom are in the industry today that spawn some of the latest products.

I actually get this a lot from guys of this age that just act extremely ignorant, cocky and completely full of themselves when it comes to discussing the technological time line. Of course, they have no problem talking about Nintendo or Sega or earlier PC games (which don't get me wrong, also played a pivotal role).
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