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Originally Posted by NewDeli View Post
loading SotC seems problematic although limiting factor might not be the CPU but the aging GPU inside my PC.
Let me tell you that i have an ati hd5750/700mhz with 1gb ram ddr5 at 1.15ghz and it's not usable on that game

Originally Posted by NewDeli View Post
Doesn't that game purpose ends up being a bit dumb ?
Finding a way to jump on some giant creatures' head just to slay them down with your sword ? Doesn't that amount to fooling people into thinking they're Legolas (remember the Cave-troll sequence in Khazad-dum ?).
i thought that too, also because there are no other people in the world.
but after a short time it becomes really nice. and the giants are really giant, on some the trolls from lotr doesn't reach the ankle - and you're climbing up and down on them while they moving through a valley...
some sequences are really awesome

Originally Posted by NewDeli View Post
The beta seems to be doing a remarkable job @accurately emulating the PS2 . Downside of that : it may be wiser to forget about it if your computer is subpar.
second that. while some games goes nice on 2x3ghz, i would say that most of the games with some more 3d gfx effects are painfull for the eyes.
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