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Originally Posted by aldo View Post
when you play Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Tenchu Shadow Assasins with a wiimote and nunchuck its well worth it.
I thought only Mario Galaxy was worth playing extensively with the wiimote (despite being too easy) .

I made some progress on the PCSX2-loading-one-ISO-after-the-other front, but it seems you were right concerning Shadows of the Colossus. Since I merely wanted to be presented with the intro cinematics for a start, I skipped *a lot* of documentation on how to properly run the emu. This said, loading SotC seems problematic although limiting factor might not be the CPU but the aging GPU inside my PC.

Doesn't that game purpose ends up being a bit dumb ?
Finding a way to jump on some giant creatures' head just to slay them down with your sword ? Doesn't that amount to fooling people into thinking they're Legolas (remember the Cave-troll sequence in Khazad-dum ?). I am not going to bother until I am more familiar with PCSX2 (read : ...not until I successfully launch & play a bit all of my other lovely PS2 games ).

The beta seems to be doing a remarkable job @accurately emulating the PS2 . Downside of that : it may be wiser to forget about it if your computer is subpar.

Can't wait to sneak in Camtasia Studio to show the world how I beat the crap out of Tekken V ('tis a joke, I need practise) !
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