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I have the black version with the Amiga games pack.
Its nearly like an Amiga Competition Pro, but has 4 different fire buttons (and not, like the Amiga one, 2x button 1 and 2x autofire). For autofire you have to use a switch at the front, which is sometimes unhandy like in Turrican.

Quality seems to be a problem after some use (3 months), two micro switches did only go back to their default position after 2-3 seconds randomly one time every quarter hour when the direction was released, so i exchanged the micro switches for the directions and button 1 with better ones (costing 14 € additionally). Exchanging button micro switches is a bit tricky as they are glued and snapped in, so i changed only the most used button 1.

With that change, the stick works fine again.
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