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Perhaps they were AGA fixed, because Lotus 1 doesnt even work on my A600 unless I softkick. And I tried Lotus 2 on my A1200 and it doesnt work, again, unless I relokick.

Sometimes, depending on which transfer proggy you use, a transfer might pass as "ok", but it would actually ge tfucked. best thing is to transfer a ZIPed or LHAed archive... if this file gets fucked up, the unarchiving program will give you an error.

I still think this is not a transfer problem. it's almost mandatory to use softkickers/degraders if you want to run old shite.

Fow WHDload, you need an HD, of course Not much else, if you just want to run OCS/ECS games. if you have extra memory you can preload and/or run AGA games.
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