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So, here’s what I have planned for the first update…

I’ll be making the game easier and will include 2 difficulty settings. A new easier (default) setting, which I’ll call ‘NORMAL’. Plus, keeping the existing difficulty setting, which I’ll call ‘NINJA’.

I gotten a mixed response from people regarding the on-screen controls. What I plan to do is add in an option to re-size the controls, and an option to swap UP and FIRE. Also, the dark area that comes up, behind the controls, when your duck is on the bottom of the screen, I’ll add in an option to make that bigger (helps avoid obscuring duck with fingers etc).

Online High-scores:
I always intended to have online scores in the game, the only question, is do I use a pre-existing solution, such as OpenFeint, or do I roll my own? If I use OpenFeint, I could also add in achievements, and all the other OpenFeint stuff. If I roll-my-own, it would just be high-scores (no achievements) and it will work more like the desktop version of Qwak, and better integrate with the game (same look and feel etc).

Let me know what you think about that, please leave a comment!

Anything else?
If there’s anything else you’d like to see changed or added, please leave a comment (leave one anyway) and let me know.


Okay, I've mirrored this on my blog:


I'll be monitoring this thread, feel free to comment here, or on my blog!

Thanks again,
Hope you're still diggin' the game!
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