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My stuff arrived from Amigakit this morning - only 2 and a half days from ordering it - excellent service.

The good news is everything works OK and I tried 3 of my existing games (Thundercats, Colonization and Top Gear 2) and they all worked fine.

I get a good picture on my 26" LCD TV from the RGB to Scart cable but it only fills 75% of the screen - is this normal?

The mouse and joypad work fine but the mouse doesn't seem all that good build quality - quite flimsy.

The joypad seems identical to one I've got for my Blaze Sega Mega Drive console (a clone of the Mega Drive) and I'm wondering if I could've used that one, instead (the connectors are the same).

God - the constant disc-swapping is annoying me like mad - played Colonisation and it was like, "Enter disc 2" (after I'd come back to the game after being away) and then "Enter disc 1", "Enter disc 2", "Enter disc 3" with about 2 seconds interval inbetween disc swaps!

Has anyone noticed how quick the disc goes in the A500's disc drive when you push it in - it almost takes your fingers off!

Well, I couldn't write about it without any pictures, so here they are.

Top Gear 2

Sid Meier's Colonization

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