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Originally Posted by paul2010 View Post
Wow - I've just downloaded the official manual for the A520 modulator.

It's amazing what you can find on the Internet if you really look.

AV cable goes from aerial connector on TV to the RF Out port on the modulator.

Main stem of the y-audio cable goes into the AUDIO IN port
on the side of the A 520.

The other two ends of the y-audio cable go into the L AUDIO
and R AUDIO on the back of the Amiga

I still reckon RGB to Scart will be much simpler!
Excellent thought so

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Forget all that... just use the standard 3 RCA cables.

Yellow goes in the side of the A520 and white & red go direct into Amiga.

You'll get a much better picture than RF (worse than RGB SCART though)
Agreed much easier, even had free ones with the odd dvd player etc
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