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Ya' like it Retr0?
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will it be a bloody DL only game!?

I would rather pay £45 for a hardcopy than anything more than £10 for a digital only copy..

I really REALLY dont agree with this back door errosion of my statutory rights to what I own and how I own somthing.

what really pisses me off now is that Bipps has a PS3, as do I, and damn it!!! it would be awesome to get some co-op going!

I have to admit, 2.5$ Milllion in game development, thats farcical..... its using a modified unreal 3 engine... all its assets are in the graphics and sounds.... $2.5 million wtf?!

I have seen a lot more come from so much less.... infact I have seen revolutionary hyper-realism engines come from next to nothing!
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