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Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
Wow. No wonder the Amiga went dead. Nobody wants anyone to make money off it.
To be honest, I dont think its like that at all.

Some of the members here are upset that AndreasM has secured a Binary release for his Magazine "Amiga Future" based on the effort and work of Gulliver whom has tracked down and convinced Micheal (PSF3 Author) to relase PFS3 to the community, after all its been a good 15 years.

When reading the thread it does seem as though Micheal is most happy to release a free version of PFS3, but would like some time to remake a binary distribution that doesn't require activation code/serial etc - for this he needs time and assitence in reclaiming his programming sources/code.

I believe he then has to re-write some portions, compile and test... again all this takes time which is a lot to ask some one to do for nothing, so patience is both a virtue and in this case it should be an honour or atleast a thank you.

AndreasM, from what I can make of this thread will be releasing a current *latest* binary (as it would be found on CD), as such it will still have serial code activation.

Thats pretty much that in a nutshell... I dont think anyone has said they dont want Micheal to make any money, just that its a bit shitty that AndreasM will make some money on work that is not his own and upon effort made by gulliver that he capitalizes on. but hey, I am sure that there will be a few that will boycott the magazine...

Its not like AndreasM has a polite name within the Amiga Community, so I doubt this would phase him.

To be honest its a mountain out of a mole hill... PFS3 will either be open source or it wont, the Binary release on AmigaFuture Magazine I am sure will find its way to web-portal download, when that happens only the faithfull will be bothered with the program sources and a re-egnineered non-serial activated version.

I would like to just have a play with it on my A500 and GVP HD+8 =)

.... and maybe see AROS with PFS3 support =)
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