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Originally Posted by Vairn View Post
Had so much fun with this game as a kid.

I bought and played this on my ipad too, looks sweet, will there be an Ipad version, so it isn't pixel doubled?

I'd probably do an iPad version, if the iPhone version takes off (it's very very hard to find success on the AppStore, and I'm not expecting it).

However, any future games I make, including a top-secret, not yet announced, Qwak spin-off game, that's way more playable; will be very likely to get custom iPad HD versions, including...

Multiplayer on the same device, where you each have one end of the iPad and face each other. Oooops, I've said too much already! Heheh...

Originally Posted by BrooksterMax View Post
I think a demo may be helpful to those were not familiar with the original.

However I did buy it last night and musically it certainly has the feel of an Amiga title.

I have only tried the tutorial so far, the controls seem responsive. I am getting used to the fact that your thumbs can cover up some of the gaming action particularly when you are dropping down platforms. I think that is the only drawback so far but it does work well all things considered.
Yep, always feel free to drop me an Email with any feedback on the game, or post it on this thread. It's always real useful to hear!

I can make the area at the bottom of the screen bigger (taller), I mean when your duck is at the bottom of a level, and the whole level scrolls up, I can make that scroll up more...

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
@qwak yes I have wrapped the game. Now all levels are unlocked and I can play any of them. Cool.
Ok back to some more serious stuff now
Yup, it's pretty easy to 'marathon' the game now..

See if you can knock 'Wendy' off the highscores though! (I can't).

Originally Posted by fiath View Post
Superb. I've waiting for this game ever since Touch Arcade mentioned it a month or so back. I remember it on the miggy, and I think I remember playing the demo, but not much more. Will be great to see it on my iPod Touch, well done!
Cool! Let us know what you think of it...

(also, if you can rate and review it, that would be super awesome).

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
"me wonders if the level formats of this version would be compatible with the Amiga version"....... hmmmm.....

The levels are in a custom format, that's different to the Amiga version. For one thing, they're multi-layered (tiles on tiles etc). There's a level editor built in to the PC and Mac versions, that you can make levels, and upload them to the site, so every other person with the PC or Mac version, can download and play your levels!

I thought it was a great idea, but didn't really take off.

If people make super cool level packs, I could include them in the iPhone version etc.

Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Why is it 9mb? Amiga version fitted on 880k floppy!
Just curious.
Mostly, it's the music, which on the Amiga is in .MOD format, and iPhone is in .MP3 format, which is much bigger.

Generally, graphics and sounds, are all revamped, and take up way more memory etc.

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