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With all due luck I should have my hands on a PSP-2000 in a matter of days. I previously had a silver PSP-1000 (imported from an online store) before but lost it a couple of years ago, much to my annoyance. At least it's given me an opportunity to try a Slim model this time.

I was hoping the GP2X Wiz I got for my birthday would do enough perfect emulation all round for me to not worry about wanting a PSP for a while, but much to my grievance, some emulators are coded rather poorly. Its CPS2, NeoGeoCD and SMS/GG emulators, for instance, can't shine a candle to the superior efforts for the PSP community. And it's yet another one of those handhelds that can't do Duke3D right!

Doesn't help that people didn't put as much effort into the Wiz scene due to a) complaints that it isn't different enough to the original GP2X (indeed many Wiz programs were simply lazy ports from the original GP2X with no changes or enhancements), and b) the Pandora.
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