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You need a Y-cable with two RCA-connectors in one end and one in the other to input the sound in the RF modulator. Place it in the A500 audio outputs and into the audio in on the side of it - otherwise you will not get sound if you plan to use an antenna cable to connect it to your TV.

Better option is to use the Video Out on the side of the A520, and connect it to an A/V input on you TV as well as the audio out signals - even better if you hook it up to your surround sound system!

There are a few different kinds of PSU:s that you can use, I would recommend the lightweight large sized version - for shipping reasons. There's also a smaller black one that will fit just fine - don't know which of them had this as an original PSU but my first used A600 had one of those.

If you really want to use the Samsung screen, get a TV-card for your PC and connect it via that. I have modified my A520 to S-Video and the picture is superb when using it with my 8 year old Pinnacle internal PCI TV-card.

You can modify an A520 reversibly following these easy 20 steps, it will not be visible on the outside:

The Audio In and Video Out of the A520 will be used for the Y/C signal unless you make a hole and put a mini-DIN connector there somewhere instead.
RF out will be disabled with this mod.

Composite via tv-card is not that bad either.

There are some (old) PC-monitors that would work, they need to be able to go as low as 15kHz horizontal scan rate:

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