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If you want the Zelda's and a few others tero, I can burn and send you a DVD-R with the NTSC back-up's on it if you wish.
Slightly OT
It took me over 6 months to understand how to overclock properly my dual core (3.33 GHz stock clock, now fares @3.67 GHz) because of some dumb & misleading mention about the DRAM frequency in the BIOS.
/Slightly OT
Now I can play both GC race games (Mario Kart & F-Zero) @full speed. Fucking amazing !
Owners of E8400 with an overclocked CPU @4Ghz or so should obtain encouraging results too (with the not-so-compatible games that would require it).
Originally Posted by tero View Post
as for pcsx2 it is doing most of gfx operation calculated by the cpu's
Same thing for Dolphin, it does most of the gfx operations at the CPU level. Apparently, you're both at ease with the settings. Just make sure you have set the CPU engine to JitIL and EFB copy to Texture for a significant speed boost.

Thanx for not letting down this notoriously non-Amiga thread !
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