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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Do you have a collection of Amiga floppy disks? If not then how are you going to use your A500? You cannot use a PC to write Amiga disks.

Be careful or what could have been just £10 (for a PSU, mouse & joystick, composite cable) will soon turn into £300+ (for an A1200, scandoubler, hard drive, network card, compact flash & adapter etc) and you might only use it once or twice before the nostalgia wears off.

Do a bit of begging here and over on, if there is an Amiga Enthusiast near you they might loan you the PSU, mouse, joystick and composite cable.
I've only got about 15 discs (including 5 or so games). I've found my Workbench 1.3 disc and I've also got WB 2.0 lying around somewhere.

I'd just be messing around with the games I've already got (some Tenstar pack ones and some other boxed games) and playing around with Deluxe Paint 2.

I definitely won't turn into a obsessive collector or hardcore user, as I'm much, much more at home with PCs and my Apple iMac.

I also haven't got the money to spend on loads of Amiga kit.
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