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Originally Posted by paul2010 View Post
I used to use my Amiga on a 14" portable but now only have access to a 22" Samsung SyncMaster 223BW LCD monitor.

Will I need to use an RGB to VGA cable (the monitor doesn't have a SCART connector) and will the quality be any good?
You cannot use this monitor with an Amiga without a scandoubler (which will be too much money). Much cheaper to get hold of an old TV.

Originally Posted by paul2010 View Post
I was also wondering if I could upgrade Workbench/Kickstart from 1.3 to 3.0 or 3.1, as I really don't like the look of 1.3 (I still remember to this day how ugly it looks).
You have no hard drive so what is the point?

I wouldn't bother buying an A1200 unless your a die-hard Amiga fan. You'll end up spending way too much money and use it twice before putting it ontop of the wardrobe next to your A500.

Get an Amiga PSU, mouse and joystick off ebay (some will come along in your area for collection within a couple of weeks) and use the A520 with your 26" LCDTV. If you like it then invest in an RGB SCART cable or make your own.
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