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Help me find the title of a DOS game...

It's so long ago, I almost can't remember....

Basically, the game started in a garage in a 3D vector world. You were a flying police car (flying like some feet above the road), and you always heard the pulse sound of the radar in the background. No, not from the PC buzzer, but from the sound card. I don't remember being any music in the game, but maybe my dad didn't manage to set it up properly.

You drove around in a simple 3D world (no textures, just filled vectors), and you could get to places where you found enemies. Some weird vehicles that shot at you. Also, you could collect some weird motor parts, iirc... You could also get to certain height levels in the game, and jump down. There were many long roads. All of these roads were in the air, not on the ground.

Sorry for my lack of description, but I was like 5-6 at the time..

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