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Originally Posted by ck1200 View Post
You could link the a520 unit to a tv with phono leads but the best way is a scart to rgb i reckon i intend to diplay my 1200 set up through this method on a lcd tv, unsure on the rom question sorry
A Scart cable isn't an option, as my LCD monitor doesn't have a scart connector (only VGA and DVI).

I have got a 26" LCD TV but I think that may be a bit too big for an Amiga.

I'm starting to have serious thoughts about just buying an A1200 from Amigakit - would save me a lot of hassle (especially as I don't know if my Amiga keyboard actually works).

I just feel for the little amount of time I'd be able to play games, a new A1200 would be a bit of a waste of money.
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