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I haven't seen anything about the mask but the MaxTransferUnit is set to 0x1fe00 as far as I can remember or if it was 0xffff ?

I noticed it's extremely slow if I boot from the CF on the PC with WinUAE, the installation was originally made on real hardware and then I moved the CF-card to the PC to shove in the rest.

... and I've been at this for a few days now so I'm beginning to get bored. Mostly because the transfer speed with CF-card on WinUAE is a pain. I then decided to boot via a copy in a directory instead and not transfer anything to the CF-harddrive-card until I got a setup I was pleased with. I guess I should try and install DirOpus again then to see if it works when not having a CF-card involved - if it doesn't it's probably not because of that - or I'll just copy it from the diskette into the real A600 - probably saves some time.
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