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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Tracking ain't easy. ;-)

If and the protracker2.3d documents don't list what you want to achieve, it is not possible to do so with your version of pt.

These are old tools, pt2.3d has a surprising amount of functionality compared to what these used to be. However time has gone forward and pt development hasn't.

If you want to make pt3.x songs, then you better have the right play routine if you intend to use them for something else than listening to them with the version of pt you used to create them.
Yeah Jope, I know all of that. And I´m glad people here at EAB are really helping me out - which didn´t happen at other foruns.

Actually, I started jamming with PT 2.3d and discovered it runs a lot better than 3.15 on my machine. And the sample files load very faster... think I´m sticking to it. Living and learning.

But still, IF there´s a easier routine for changing note parameters I´d really make good use of it (because I don´t believe any help file gives you absolutelly everything about any piece of software).
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