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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
About the original question :
Why would you want to do that anyway? You can just simply enter the new note if it's just one. Otherwise a block selection should work. Does block selection work if you select more than 2 notes? If so, there might be a reason
That´s because I just can´t find how to lower/up the octaves or the notes themselves. All I can do is lower one octave by hitting F1, and that´s all

And the block selection doesn´t work even if I selected more than 2 notes. If I have/want to lower notes or octaves, I need to do it on the entire track and that´s a problem.

So, any way of lowering/upping the notes and octaves before (or even better: after) I play them in the pattern? That case, I can use notes lower than C-2 or higher than B-3.

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