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Someone needs to add more (inc pixs)

Abandoned Places I,II
Ambermoon (Some limited parts play in first person)
Amberstar (Some limited parts play in first person)
Bane of the Cosmic Forge (Wizardry VI), Sir-Tech, 1992
Bards Tale series
Black Crypt
Bloodwych, Imageworks 1989 (Two-player version of DM)
Captive, Tony Crowther, 1990
Chaos Strikes Back
Corporation, Core Design, 1990
Crystal Dragon (I only HEARD about it)
Crystals of Arborea (Prequel to Ishars)
Das Schwarze Auge (either a German game or German version of Realms)
Das Schwarze Auge/ Blades of Destiny, Attic, 1992
Dragon Wars, Interplay 1990
Dungeon Master II
Dungeons of Avalon' I & II. (PD)
Eye of the Beholder I,II
Hired Guns, Psygnosis, 1993
Lands of Lore (By westwood, looks like EOB but not D&D)
Legends of Valour (has 3d graphics)
Liberation, Tony Crowther, 1994
Might and Magic 3 (and 2?)
Perhilion, Psygnosis, 1993
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny
Robinson's Requiem (Strange 3d Graphics)
Whale's Voyage I, II, Neo Software Design, 1993, 1995
Wizardry 6
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