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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
Have you checked all the libraries, devs, s: c: contents etc.. do them one at a time until you find the culprit.. I am certain it's a lib though (novamusic.library, dopus.library) etc..
Aha... I also suspected a library incompability.

When I used it with a WB2.1 setup it worked by copying all missing files from the disk to each directory.
When doing the same in 3.1 it crashes - so one of those 3.1 libs that DirOpus is using is not OK from the 3.1 but works with the 2.1 version...

I'll probably copy the DirOpus version I've got on my A2000, it runs fine with WB3.1 and is set up to my liking - too bad there seem to be no old versions on Aminet.
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