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Yeah, lots of YouTube videos about PCSX2 users proudly exhibiting how they manage to play FFX & XII on their computer !
There are 3 Zelda's on the GC, people thoroughly enjoy Wind Walker but I am more impressed by Twilight Princess' universe & facetious characters. The GC catalog of games is good but not great, there are missing franchises from the N64 such as Gex, too bad, really they had to blow it so fast from the shelves.

Well, it could be interesting to compare the titles that made the GC (Metroid...) VS those who made (and still makes) the PS2, but the purpose of this thread is more about reporting games that work at decent speed with Dolphin.
May be it can expanded to include PCSX2 users experience. I am pretty sure the latter doesn't need the Herculean horsepower required by Dolphin v2.
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