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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
The reason I ask is that I would suggest Octamed Sound Studio (if you have atleast 2MB Chip and / or Some fast ram)
Not one of these "Octamed is better" arguments.
He's using PT and fine with it. Can someone help him get through his problem instead of suggesting him to use a different software? I been looking for the online reference for Protracker without luck. Perhaps someone can finally find them.

I hate these Octamed vs. Protracker pussy fights. Protracker is a great program, Octamed is too, different strokes for different folks. Suggesting to use a completely different software is not an option since they are both quite different, using OctaMED to make MODs is a waste of OctaMED. And if you use these extra featuires OctaMED has, you NO LONGER CAN EXPORT AS MOD. Please advise with a little but more of insight info, thre are good reasons for André to choose Protracker, he knows what he is doing

It'd be GREAT if the fucking Aminet archives would INCLUDE THE HELP FILES. I can't believe they were uploaded without them. This is why him (and me!) are having problems getting through basic functionality like this.

Oh hi André, tenho certeza que alguem va solcionar seu problema aqui ;D
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