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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Welcome to EAB =)

theres plenty of mischief to get upto around here, so kick-back and relax, read up on some retro-coated yummyness that is this fair board...

Now, what system have you got your protracker running on ?

The reason I ask is that I would suggest Octamed Sound Studio (if you have atleast 2MB Chip and / or Some fast ram)

OSS can load up mods written in protracker as well as save out as that format, it also has a lot more functions than PT3.15

Personally although I cut my teeth on Protracker I fell in love with Octamed, to be precises it was Octamed 4 that was on a cover disk that I fell in love with... and I just went from there.

Its very intuitive and easy to use, I even have the PC version of octamed and I have been toying with getting OSS v2.0 for the PC soon =)
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