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Question a little help on Protracker

Hi fellas!

My name is Andre, Im from Sao Paulo/Brazil and Im quite new on Amiga. While I slowly read (almost) all the threads on this marvelous forum, I have a serious doubt on Protracker, which is really slowing me down on my tunes.

The question is: how do I change the octaves and notes on a single note in a pattern? I know I could click on the "octave up/down" or "note up/down" buttons but it seems like it changes only the full track or full pattern, when the track/pattern buttons are selected.

But the problem is: I see theres also a "block" button, which supposely would change things only in the block. But even if I selected the one and only note I wanna change with CTRL + B (selecting this note as a block), the note up/down and octave up/down just dont seem to work.

BTW, Im using PT v. 3.15

Hope you guys can help me out! Thanks a bunch, and Ill be no stranger here.
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