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Originally Posted by chiark View Post
thanks Horace!

Baboon, what other essentials would you recommend for PSP noobs?
I've got an original phat psp so have got everything working (perfect arcade CPS1, CPS2, Neo Geo etc) but for the newer psp's with higher firmwares (running via the patapon exploit) theres a good working compat list here...

From the above list on 6.20 I'd recommend the emu's (although I've not tested it via this new exploit) - Picodrive (pefect sega megadrive and Sega CD emu), PSPMame4all, Scummvm (Monkey Island 2 etc), Obviously PSPuae, Snes9x, Fuse (zx specky emu) etc... although these are just favs of mine.

From that list it looks like most of the good stuf is working.

@Fol: Thats a nightmare whats happend on your site (only just read about it)! I really hope you can some how recover what you've lost?
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