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Originally Posted by NewDeli View Post
Each .iso / .gcm weights about 1.4 GB. That's reasonable considering HDD manufacturers have entered the 1+TB market some time ago. A few games use 2 miniDVDs.
in my case i dl with 6 to 15 kb/s - that's up to 30mb per hour,
1.4gb is nearly unreachable

Originally Posted by NewDeli View Post
It's a different approach but if you bought used games that are unplayable with Dolphin, what would you do with them ? GC emulation is still pretty much WIP and thus one's mileage may vary.
i wouldn't buy games not working
but buying the one's working or play on the real thing, i still have one
there are always games that are better controllable on the real thing..
even with other systems emu's

and with time emulation becomes more usable, pcsx2 for example ran ff-x with 50% of speed and crashed inbetween - that's only 1 year and a gfx card ago
with the actuall beta i play it with 100% of speed and savestate's without crashes.

or in short - if it will do Zelda, it's enough
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