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Well, maybe it could say that a few Amiga versions were planned but never released... but i must say that mistakes were not rare in the adverts or the screenshots in the game boxes of the Opera Soft products in the 90s.

For example, in the advert of the game Sirwood appears an Amiga version, but i didn't see any picture or read any reference of an Amiga version (neither in reviews, previews or tricks sections). Other example, in the game box of "Mundial de Fútbol", there are pictures of the Atari ST version (the Amiga version it would be identical), but the magazines only previewed or reviewed cpc, msx, pc y zx.

The only Opera Soft Amiga game that i can not sure it was released or not is "Jai Alai", because i remember to read an Amiga preview in Micromania (in an article about 16 bits spanish games with Megaphoenix and others), and the adverts and the game boxes of others systems include Amiga pictures.

In that time, Micromania (you can get here all the numbers of Micromania 1º Epoca -8 bits computers- and 2º Epoca -16 bits- ), the most important spanish video games magazine, had an Amiga, Atari ST and PC section with mini-reviews (one paragraph and one picture) of games ported from 8 bits to 16 bits, but in the case of spanish games it would be one or two pages with the review, because that i remember these things.
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