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Originally Posted by Misel982001 View Post
How can it be possible for a 1996 game to be so slow on a 2008 pc????
Because, although the Amiga is "ancient" by computer standards, it's still one of the most sophisticated pieces of homecomputers you're likely to see. Just about all other homecomputers have been far far less advanced.

Remember, in 1998, the Amiga could still do quite a few things with a 68030/50MHz processor, that a Pentium-II 300 would struggle with. Emulating an A500 on my old AMD Athlon 1600+ from 2003, was still a quirky thing and not always an enjoyable task.

Even todays PC with quad and six core CPU's, is still a fairly "simple" computer (although a devillishly fast one) compared to the Amiga. There's a reason why the Amiga could emulate a 486PC with halfdecent speed some 5 years before the PC could emulate a basic 7MHz A500
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