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So what would you call it? Having a go? You keep harping on about the video that was full speed with no sound from September 2008. There have been newer videos since then that demonstrate very respectable speed with great sound. Yet you chose not to comment on those. You have expressed that you cannot buy one even if you wanted one... hmmm have you actually contacted OpenPandora to try? Because I was hearing from people even up till a couple of weeks ago that were able to secure an order. Developers such as yourself have even been able to get freebies and dev versions by letting the team know what they can bring to the table.

The point I was trying to make is this: The pandora isn't a PSP and it isn't a netbook, if people cant see the difference that's up to them. The pandora is the closest thing thing (in my opinion) to a portable amiga that fits in your pocket with all the proper controls and a physical keyboard. If others dont agree then fine.

This thread is for speculating the pandora's ability to achieve what the PSP hasn't so far. A proper portable amiga emulator.

Its shipping to customers at the moment, around 500 have gone out. Customers who understand the situation and still entrust the OP team with their money. I am somewhere in the 700-800 range and I am looking forward to my portable amiga.
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