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Originally Posted by mrbob2 View Post
Im sorry but i just dont get it!!

Why the hell are people saying "ooh but with WINUAE you dont get exactly cycle 030 blitter emu on the vsync 50mhz blah de blah"


Ok how about having every amiga game ever instantly loading at the touch of a button, the ability to have a 500gb HD, every HDLOAD game accssible, custom screen modes. Speeds faster than an 060 with a decent pc. Hires GFX that your A500 could never dream of, the abilty to use any joypad rather than your 30 year old cruiser, multiple workbench configs, save states!

Or a real amiga that smells, is a musty yellow colour, modulator needs bending to get a colour display, slow clunky loading via disk, crap mouse, slow as hell WB which is next to impossible to be of any benefit. A computer the size of a small family hatchback sat on your desk. Having to search through thousands of game disks to find the one you want. Discovering your fave game has a disk read error.....

Dont get me wrong, i love my amiga(s) but the hardware is irreleant now. WINUA is the best emulator on any platform of any system. Everything i could do on my real amiga, i can do on WINUAE better.

For example, on my A1200 config i can have 8mb of chip ram!!! so animations in animated, octamed etc can store more sound samples.

What can you do on a real amiga that you cant on WINUAE?

probably some really anal coding demo that doesnt quite run at 58.23 mhz with accurate cpu timing zzzzzz
It's the feel.. don't you get it???
It's like owning a 1969 Mustang or collecting watches.

I know it's not realistic but spending money to put the amiga running like i never could, back on the days, parents were funding my addictions, now i'm working... it's the joy, hell nothing can beat the real amiga feel.

Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
I've got about 7.

It was a joke
Ok my bad, i thought you were just throwing gasoline in to a fire place.
I got 4.

Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
Nostalgia is very important, imo. Everyone just blows that off as something you should not take into account, but I never understood why. It's the same when people say "the old Final Fantasy games are no less linear than the original, the freedom you feel is just an illusion". To that, I say, who the fuck cares if it's an illusion or not. What counts is the experience I feel, not why I feel it. Now THAT'S pointless.

If I feel it, I feel it. It's like hearing a song, and if you love it you love it. You can try to reason why you like it, but in the end, it's really unexplainable. That's why two people who hears the same song can have two totally different opinions of that song, even though they enjoy music for the exact same reasons. Some aspects just can't be explained or reasoned at all. Two good melodies, you don't necessarily like them both even if they're similar in style and approach. At least, not equally. And that's not because one is objectively better than the other, but because you just feel one more than the other.
I rest my case

Originally Posted by haynor View Post
I didn't say it's emulators fault. I say it goes to emulation (on typical hardware).

I say that on typical windows setup (XP or vista or 7 with LCD monitor) it's not possible. I think most people have such configuration. How much these days are using CRT monitor

Plasma is not typical setup, isn't it
I still think that an LCD Monitor is no match for a CRT in terms of emulation, but that's just my opinion.

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