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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I use Kawa-X for CPS1 / 2 and NeoGeo titles, it works flawlessly even on the huge 90mb rom sizes.

my favourites being streetfighter alpha thing-a-me-bob on the CPS1, 1944 LoopMasters on CPS2 and pretty much everything on the NeoGeo =D

I use mame for most other coin-up stuff thats not supported by Kawa-X - btw Kawa-X is not X-Port emulation as far as I know.

I also have my setup for Amiga running from a HDF with all WHDLoad games setup etc, its a little more involved, but the more one puts in the better return you get... at the moment its like having an AGA A600 =D in terms of speed lol

Neo Genesis for all Megadrive including megaCD and 32x - I also use ZSnes for the SNES
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