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Introduction + Questions

Hi all,

I've recently become interested in the amiga scene again after having a desire to play jetstrike recently then becoming more and more engrossed. I haven't touched amiga hardware since I gave up my a500 with A570 and mem expansion in '95.

Looking around the forums it seems the best machine to get nowadays is an a1200 in terms of upgradability etc. I do have some questions though!

I have seen new 1200s on sale at amigakit. Is there any negatives to buying one of these machines over an older one? I assume they use the same floppy drive as the escom models? Do they still suffer from the 'yellowing' problem and is this avoidable?

What kind of upgrades would I need and for what uses? I primarily want to play games on the thing, but would love to tinker with OS upgrades and applications. I fear I may be inclined to seek an accelerator board. Is one of these necessary? What benefits do they bring? What can't I do without one? I have figured a '30 is probably the best bang for buck, do you need a '60? What make board is best? The posts I've read point to a blizzard IV. How much memory is needed?

Im sorry if there are a lot of questions. I have tried to look around and find info, but more often than not the things I read raise more questions!
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