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GnoStic had a better version of PUAE at one stage (2007 or 2008) but he doesn't have the binaries any more, perhaps if his good friend Fatih (one of the Pandora guys) hooks him up with a pandora he will improve it. Otherwise I am sure someone else will step up.

I don't honestly see why people are being so hostile towards this project, its a very small operation from a few first timers that gained way more interest than anyone thought it would. Its no Sony or Nintendo so the hardware and software wont be perfect. Mistakes have been made along the way and no doubt there will be more problems. But the majority of the people who pre-ordered seem happy enough not to ask for refunds.

Even Zetr0 was bagging this project as vapour ware and its about a million times more complicated than an a600 memory expansion he is having so many problems and delays delivering.

Instead of admiring the massive balls of solid platinum that it takes to develop something on this scale and with this much complexity from a team of n00bs, people seem more happy to sit back and make little jokes and make fun of it and keep supporting the big established Japanese and American companies that dont give a shit about you the consumer and think that once they have sold you something it still belongs to them and only they can decide what you can run on it. I for one am sick of their shit.

You guys can enjoy running an exploit from a game to run a hack from a savestate to run a friggin emulator and I'll enjoy my pandora....

when I finally get it that is...
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