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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Sounds like you need gnostics, uae gp2x.

The one on ebay, you must be snorting something if you think I would pay more than £200 from something like that.
I love the way people keep praising it up, yet you cant order it. Try going to their site, you cant order it like it clearly states on their main page.
People will just be screwing people over on ebay, what a waste of time.
All 4,000 have been sold from the first batch. The next batch will be available for order in about a month, and will likely be another 4,000. The website is misleading, yes. Unfortunately, the term consists of 4 guys (and four volunteers) who build them in a village hall in rural England. Given that situation, how fast do you think they should be making them?

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