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^ There's one on eBay...

Tried quite a few games today.

"Fullspeed" (no frameskip (50fps) and clear 44kHz stereo sound):
ATR (screen is cutoff a bit at the bottom), Assassin, Assassin Special Edition,
B.C. Kid, Batman - The Movie, Battle Squadron PAL (a bit cutoff), Bubba 'n Stix,
Dogs of War, Elite Advanced, Exile (screen cutoff), Fire Force, Gods, Heimdall,
HeroQuest, Hudson Hawk, Hunter, Hybris, It Came from the Desert, James Pond 2,
Lost Vikings, Metal Mutant, Moonstone, Myth - History in the Making, Navy Seals,
Neverending Story II, Out Run Europa, Ruff 'n Tumble,
Shadow of the Beast I+II, Speedball 2, Stunt Car Racer (standard and TNT),
Switchblade II, SWIV (but screen too much cutoff at the bottom),
Targhan, Traps 'n Treasures, Turrican, Turrican II, Turrican 3, Wings,
Wings of Fury, Wrath of the Demon, Yo! Joe!

These games work great with frameskip 1 (25fps):
Apidya (screen cutoff), First Samurai, Leander (feels fullspeed although fs1),
Lotus I&II (also feels like fullspeed), Mr Nutz, Paradroid 90, Risky Woods,
Shadow of the Beast III, SuperCars I+II

These games don't work with this version of the emu:
Arctic Fox, Lionheart

P.S. That's at 500MHz. At 600-700 MHz the "frameskip 1"-games become "frameskip 0"-games, too.

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