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And don't forget that Tales of Tamar hast just been released:

If you're into turn-based strategy, this is a must have. It's E-Mail based, the actual software is free, you're only paying for the turns. Probably the best anti-piracy measure mankind ever invented

The 'freeware scene' is really promising. With OpenGL (for 3D titles) and SDL (for everything else) two very good platform indepent library systems are available. Once the actual library is ported, porting the game is relatively easy. Especially with SDL the process of porting a game is a simplified a lot.

As most freeware games are open source now we can look forward to a host of 'retro' titles. Check this site for some SDL games compiled for AmigaOS. Granted, they're not the most imaginative titles one could think of, but they show what's possible (technically) with these libraries.

Personally I'm looking forward to the Amiga release of 'Elite - The new Kind'. Good old Elite (reverse engineered BBC Elite) with some additional missions and other goodies thrown in - and it multitasks! That should finally give me the chance to get 'Elite' status
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