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Hello everyone. Just to introduce myself, my name is Martin, and live in UK. I have lived and breathed Amiga since my dad got the A500 Intercepter pack. Since then, after a spell of Amiga stagnation, I have finally built up my collection which includes:
1 x A4000
2 x A2000
1 x A1500
3 x A500
1 x A500+
3 x CD32
1 x CDTV
2 x A600
2 x A1200
+ Various bit's and bob's Amiga related.

What do I do with this all? Well most are in storage, but the A4000 is soon to be returned from 'Hospital' (Amigakit) sporting new SIMM sockets, Deneb, Indivision and housekeeping on OS3.9 install, thanks Matthew/Chris. One A1200 is my WHDLoad machine, and the other A1200 is in a tower complete with PPC (Thanks here goto Stachu100). And finally one CD32 is in the front room with a SX32 Pro for WHDLoad.
I think the Amiga, although over 20 years old, still holds a lot of surprises for me. Because I was just a kid when they were in there hey day, and all the exciting kit was out, I could never have afforded any of it. But now, working, I can now re-live my youth and try the software out that I collected over the years.
I have also managed to correct my stupidness when I sold for £50 a HUGE lot of Amiga 1200 kit including a Blizzard III 030/50 and a Squirrel. Truely a big mistake and regret it. But now back up to where I was at last!!

So, thats me, sometimes daft, but a dedicated Amiga fan.

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